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Choosing the right company to create your Themed Event!

When it comes to searching for a company to create your perfect themed event there are a number of factors to consider. The internet has made it very easy for companies to advertise there way to the top of google however these aren't always the right companies to look after your event. Here are a few of our top tips when searching for the perfect company to create your themed event.

1. The proof is in the pictures

A good themed events company will have a lot of pictures showcasing the work they have previously done. If you come across a themed events service and there are no pictures to support the service, we would be very worried about what you are likely to receive if booking with this company.

2. Check the Testimonials

You want to check that the testimonials are specific to the service the company is offering. There may be great testimonials on the site about a fantastic band booked or a set of dodgems someone hired for a wedding but are they relevant to the service the company is advertising. Too many times we see companies showcasing themselves as a 'themed events company' but there are zero reviews on this specific service.

3. Quality

Quality isn't expensive, it's priceless! If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is! Ensure you get a photo of the exact items you will be receiving, check the quantity and ensure you get a contract! We always try to be competitive on price however we will not compromise on quality. Often we see other companies offering the same service as we are but for half the price and we try to show our clients that the quality in service is very different and what they think they are receiving will be very different on the day.

4. Sub Contractors

Are you paying for someone else to contact suppliers to create your themed event or are you booking directly with the company? Often we see companies advertising as a "themed events company" but all they are really doing is adding large mark ups on sub contractors prices and not doing a great deal of work to create the event. When you book with us you get a professional service form start to finish, we build most of our props in house, sew our own drapes, supply our own lighting and if we do sub contract any part of our service it would be something specialist that we are unable to create for you. We also supply a free event management service for the whole of your event and have a dedicated team to install and and de rig.

5. Contracts

Make sure you get a contract! If a company won't produce a contract then do not book! A contract is put in place to protect both you and the company providing the service, so ensure a contract is always issued and READ the t&c's!

We really advise that you do your research before booking with a company. A picture tells a story better than a lot of written words so always make sure you see previous work before making a booking!


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