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A Medieval Banquet

Setting the Scene

With a mixture of the Bawdy and Tom Foolery you and your guests will be taken back in time to Ye Olde England for an unforgettable night of Mayhem and Music, Food and Drink, Riotous Laughter and Merriment.

Medieval Themed Event
Medieval Themed Event


Jesters will meet and greet your guests upon arrival, usually for around 45 minutes. This could be either on stilts, or providing a mix of background fire entertainment. During the Banquet, the Jesters will mingle around the tables entertaining your guests at close quarters, while they are waiting for their food or once they have finished eating between courses. This may be Juggling, Interactive Games, Music, Jokes and any other Tom Foolery, depending on the skills of the Jesters on the night. They may also provide some background juggling while people are eating which adds to the atmosphere but doesn't intrude. If required, most Jesters can offer 1 or 2 x 10minute shows in between courses. These can be purely demonstrations, or can involve audience participation if required and space allows. Examples of these shows could include: Juggling for or over a guest, passing clubs (if 2 Jesters are booked), Juggling on a Rola Bola, balancing objects like swords or chairs on the chin, lying on a Bed of Nails or Walking on Broken Glass. (Again, the actual skills will depend upon which Jesters are booked as they all vary.) Some Jesters may even finish the night with a short Fire Display.

Medieval Themed Event
Medieval Themed Event


Most Medieval Musicians will provide background music as guests are arriving, then play during the Banquet except if a Jester is performing or any other event taking place. Depending on the Musicians, some will wander around the tables Playing and Singing, others might offer a story, some can provide Tarot Readings and some can provide Dancing at the end of the Banquet should there be interest and sufficient space. Some Musicians play purely Medieval Music on authentic instruments, while others play a mix of Medieval and English folk on more modern instruments. If you have a preference, it helps to let us know at the time of enquiring.

Fighting Knights

Most Fighting Knights are available to pose for photographs, say as part of a Meet'n'Greet session. When they fight, they need a safe minimum area in which to do so. This can be either indoors or outdoors but the guests must be behind barriers of either ropes or tables. Generally speaking, a couple of Fighting Knights will provide 2 x 10 minute skirmishes and these can be worked into the Banquet as part of a story.


This usually takes place out of doors, with the Falconer having a number of Birds on Display and providing a Flying Display of around 15 to 20 minutes. Some Falconers will fly their Birds indoors for a short while subject to space and safety.


This can be either a static display where the Archers talk about the Weapons of the time and demonstrate shooting them, or a hands on experience when the Archers provide a range of Bows and targets for guests to try out themselves. This again is determined by space and safety and may not be available if guests are drinking alcohol, or late at night.

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